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Holder Shaving stands and holders

Shaving stands and holders help to maintain your shaving brush in good condition and protect your razors or razor so that they retain their quality for a long time.

Shaving equipment such as wet razors, safety razors and especially shaving brushes require special care. After shaving, the tools should be thoroughly cleaned with warm water (see below). Shaving brushes dry best when they are hung upside down so the moisture can escape downwards.

Cleaning the shaving brush

To ensure the long life of your shaving brush, it must be thoroughly cleaned of residual soap after each use. Run hot water through the brush head and use your fingers to remove shaving foam and soap residue. Pay particular attention to the lower region of the brush head, where the bristles are attached, to check that no soap residue remains. The alkaline shaving soap can gradually destroy the ferrule and then your brush will lose hair.

When the brush is clean, shake to remove excess water over the sink or in the shower; now the shaving brush is touch dry and can be hung in the shaving brush stand to dry fully. Avoid placing the brush in the bathroom cabinet while it is still wet.

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