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2 Shaving towels from MÜHLE, waffle piqué, pure cotton

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2 Shaving towels from MÜHLE, waffle piqué, pure cotton
Product description
A barber's shave begins with a real treat, which is also the perfect shaving preparation par excellence: the application of a hot towel to the areas to be shaved. Our shaving towels made of fine terry cloth in waffle-piqué structure are made exclusively for this purpose.

Due to the square relief structure, the cotton texture absorbs a particularly large amount of moisture and at the same time stores the pleasant warmth. After shaving, the soft fabric pampers you one more time while cleaning and drying your face – this is applied shaving culture in perfection. One set contains two MÜHLE shaving towels that are not only sustainable but also made in Germany. The shaving towels are manufactured not far from the Ore Mountains in the Lausitz region.
How to use

Before the shave, the shaving towel is soaked in hot water and placed on the areas to be shaved. Heat and moisture open the pores, the beard is softened and can be tackled even better with a sharp blade.

After the shave, any remaining lather is rinsed off with cold water, and the skin is softly rubbed dry with a second, fresh shaving towel. And so the skin is perfectly prepared – for an after-shave balm or an after shave as a consummate conclusion to the wet shave.

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