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Pre shave Shaving preparation: pre-shave products

Pre-shave products are applied before the wet shave as a preparation for shaving.

We offer a pre-shave oil or pre-shave lotion and these products are especially recommended for heavy beards and for men with a tendency to razor burn, cuts, ingrown hairs or other skin irritations. Pre-shaves are pleasantly scented, providing freshness and energy before shaving. Of course, we also supply fragrance-free products.

After a preparatory facial cleansing with warm water and a facial cleanser, a pre-shave, such as pre-shave oil, is applied to the face. In general, only a few drops will be needed to prepare the beard for shaving. Massaging pre-shave against the direction of growth of the beard is particularly effective.

There, it forms a protective and lubricating layer between the skin and razor and removes any products from the beard while softening and straightening the whiskers. A lifted beard protrudes a little further out of the skin and guarantees a close shave, removing every trace of stubble.
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