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Razors Wet razor for Gillette®, Mach3® and Fusion razor blades

In this category, you can find modern razors, which are equipped with multi-blade Gillette® interchangeable heads. Mach3 Turbo® and Fusion ™ blades can all be used.

The handles of the razors look very elegant and are made of exclusive materials such as wood, high-grade resin, porcelain or carbon. The razors feel particularly good in the hand, are easy to operate and make an attractive feature in the bathroom, especially when a razor is combined with a high-quality shaving brush in an attractive stand.

R 220 M3
€ 8,60 *
50 ml
€ 172,00 / l
R 331 F
R 220 F
R 331 M3
R 873 M3
R 226 M3
R 228 M3
R 228 F
R 336 F
R 226 F
R 20 F
R 336 M3
R 876 M3
R 874 M3
R 870 M3
R 44 F
R 84 F
R 536 F
R 870 F
R 76 M3
R 76 F
R 44 M3
R 56 F
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