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Safety razors

Safety razors Safety razor from MÜHLE for the classic wet shave

A safety razor is a traditional tool for wet shaving. It holds a razor blade, which protrudes only slightly from the device to prevent deep cuts.

Unlike System wet razors, the head of the razor is fixed. It takes a little practice to find your individual shaving angle.
A wet shave with a safety razor is especially thorough. In particular, the razor is considered especially accurate for shaving the often difficult facial contours such as beard and sideburns. The razor blades can also be replaced easily.

MÜHLE also offer this high-quality razor in an attractive design with handles made exclusively of luxurious materials such as high-grade resin, wood, horn, porcelain, brass or carbon. A razor and shaving brush combo, hanging in an attractive stand, makes an eye-catching feature in the bathroom.

Shaving with a razor is considered the king of high-class shaving methods. A method traditionally reserved for professional barbers is gradually moving into domestic bathrooms, However, shaving with a razor takes practice.

Again, quality is important in achieving a perfect shave: razors by MÜHLE ensure extreme precision.

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