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Shaving brushes

Shaving brushes The MÜHLE shaving brush in badger hair and vegetarian fibre

The shaving brush is THE traditional tool in the upscale shaving culture. Shaving brushes have several tasks in the wet shave;

  • firstly, in lathering shaving soap or shaving cream to a creamy foam which allows the razor to glide easily over the beard.
  • The shaving brush is then used to apply shaving cream to the face; a circular motion is recommended so that the hair is straightened and the beneficial ingredients of the shaving cream can be thoroughly incorporated into the beard.
  • Good shaving also has a slight "peeling” effect that ensures a pure and fresh facial skin.
  • A really good quality shaving brush, when carefully looked after, will last for many years. Shaving brushes are mostly made of badger hair; in a silvertip brush, there are over 20,000 individual hairs from the back of the badger. The badger hair is weighed, combed and then tied to the typical semicircular brush crown and bonded in the ferrule.

As equally valuable as the heads of shaving brushes are their handles. They are manufactured with modern manufacturing processes of stainless steel, horn, porcelain, wood, carbon or chromium and are an attractive feature in every bathroom.

Shaving brush holders not only look good but also contribute to the proper drying of the brush bristles. Only a brush rinsed free of all traces of soap and allowed to dry properly will retain its properties for many years.

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31 M 530
31 K 256
39 K 257
31 M 536
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091 M 89 BLACK
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099 K 256
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81 M 228
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31 K 876
33 K 257
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