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Shaving sets

Shaving sets Shaving Sets by MÜHLE

Shaving sets, the successful combination of premium shaving brush and exclusive razors or razor in a fine quality metal holder, have a place in every bathroom, adding a little masculine style. Depending on the design, a soap pot may be included in the shaving kit.

In particular, the holder helps to maintain the shaving brush in good condition, as after shaving, both shaving utensils and especially the shaving brush, should be thoroughly washed and allowed to dry well before the next shave.

Shaving sets by traditional brand MÜHLE are particularly comfortable to use. The shaving brushes are of the highest quality badger hair or synthetic fibre. The handles of the brush and razor are ergonomically shaped and made of particularly luxurious materials such as precious resin or precious woods with a warm grain.

Shaving sets with matching components in unusual designs are also suitable as beautiful and valuable gifts which any recipient would be delighted to receive.

S 81 H 220 SSR
S 81 H 220 SM3
S 81 H 220 SF
S 81 M 228 SSR
S 81 M 226 SSR
S 81 M 228 SF
S R89
S 81 H 220 SR
S 81 M 226 SF
S 81 M 228 SM3
S 81 H 331 SSR
S 81 M 226 SM3
S 81 M 228 M3
S 81 M 226 M3
S 81 H 220 M3
S 21 M 226 SSR
S 21 M 228 SSR
S 81 H 331 SM3
S 81 M 228 SR
S 81 H 331 SF
S 81 M 226 SR
S 091 M 89 BLACK
S 091 M 89 SR
S 21 H 220 SSR
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