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Mr Natty - Alum Shaving Bar - 100 g

Art no.: MRN AL BAR
100 g | € 6,00 / 100 g
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Mr Natty - Alum Shaving Bar
Product description
Alum is a naturally occurring mineral. Blocks like this were first used by the Egyptians over 4000 years ago and are a common tool in barber shops the world over. The natural salts help stop the bleeding of small nicks made when shaving by constricting blood vessels and tightening pores. Leaving the house covered in bits of tissue is not our idea of evolution.
How to use

Running late? Got an interview? Put on a white shirt? Date night? YOU WILL cut yourself shaving. Don’t panic. Mildly curse. Wet the block and rub it gently onto the shaved area you’ve just nicked. Let the alum salts dry on your face. It may sting. This is normal - JUST DEAL WITH IT. While your face is smarting clean the block with water, dry it off and store in a dry place where air can get to it. Keep it wet and it and will dissolve and you’ll be right back on this page buying another one sooner than you think.

Potassium alum
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