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Skin Face care for men

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Hardly any other part of the body shows the effects of time more clearly than the face. Times are changing and a problem faced by many can be treated early with the correct skin care products. Gone are the days when men were proud of their the weather-beaten, leathery faces, including wrinkles and stubble! Today's man has style, class, charm and nonchalance - and that also applies to his face.

Here, the right care ...

... is a quick and easy facial care routine. A basis for facial care is a thorough cleansing with warm water and a facial cleanser suitable for the skin type. The warm water causes the skin pores to open so that the skin can absorb and utilise care products better. An additional facial peel contains abrasive particles to remove dead skin gently and restoring a glowing complexion. The final step, toner, clears the face of impurities and leaves you feeling refreshed.

The right facial care for all skin types

Facial skin care comes down to your skin type. Whether your skin is dry, sensitive, oily, greasy or easily irritated, Heldenlounge offers high-quality products and facial care kits for all requirements. We can even supply solutions to problems such as combination skin or complexions prone to acne with effective and fast-acting skin care products.

Facial skin care begins and ends with moisture

The most important thing for the care of the face is the supply of moisture. Our moisturizers are quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy film, and effectively soothe unpleasant feelings of tightness.
For a sustaining and nourishing facial care routine, our luxurious facial ranges provide effective anti-aging skin treatments. These products should be applied regularly to prevent symptoms of age-related and sunlight-related skin damage from arising. For this reason, some products from Heldenlounge also include a UV filter. If you prefer a tanned complexion, we advise you to select a product from our self-tanning range.

The area around eyes, nose and mouth is particularly important in facial care. These features are the first thing people notice and so need to appear well maintained.

For a radiant smile and fresh breath, we offer selected products for oral care. The eyes, in particular, should not be neglected and the nose area is where wrinkles are likely to make their first appearance. The range of anti-aging products from Heldenlounge can help you avoid this problem and happily turn the clock back a little!

Our top products in skin care

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