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Cleansing bars

Cleansing bars Cleansing bars

We live in a time when it is no longer considered unmasculine for a man to use high-quality cosmetic products for his personal care. A man who pays attention to his appearance needs to be as well-groomed in leisure hours as in professional life. You should devote special attention to your face here and use care products that match your skin type. Maybe you're the type whose skin tends to be dry or greasy and therefore need a face soap which is tailored to the needs of your skin.

If you like a soap for the face, you should not use any old plain soap or hand soap; they can dry your skin and cause irritation. High-quality facial soaps contain gentle, nourishing ingredients and are available for different skin types.

Vegetable oil soap is manufactured with a base of natural oils, such as olive oil, almond oil or castor oil, usually mixed with essential oils such as cardamom or vetiver which diffuse a pleasant masculine fragrance. However, there are also vegetable oil soaps that are completely free of fragrances and colour additives. The oils contained in the soap keep the facial skin supple and soft and support the natural protective layer of the skin. The Cleansing Bar is an exciting new kind of face soap that contains nourishing extracts of Aloe Vera, algae and vitamins with antioxidant effect. Depending on the variety, natural ingredients are added in the form of a coloured stripe down the middle of the white cleansing bar, so that the face soap almost becomes a decorative object in the bathroom.

If you wish to use your facial soap for shaving, we recommend a shaving soap with vegetable glycerin that can be foamed with a shaving brush. After shaving, you can rinse the soap off and will have saved yourself a step in your personal maintenance.

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