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Styling and care products for your beard

Beard and moustache wax, beard wax, beard pomade, beard balm, beard oil - there's a wide range of styling and care products for the beard. But what do you choose for what purpose, and what is the best product for your beard? Here, we would like to cut a path through the care and styling jungle by giving you an overview of how the different products differ.

First of all, we would like to note that there's only a very narrow dividing line between beard and moustache wax, beard wax and beard pomade, and some manufacturers (and users) even use the terms synonymously. One thing that's for sure is that these three products are convenient, especially for beard styling. Beard balm is also suitable for light styling, but with most of these products, the focus is on caring for your beard hair and the skin underneath - as is the case with beard oil. You will find out what to look out for and what type of product is best for which beard in the following. While some products are more likely to be used for shorter beard hair, others can also bring long beards into shape.

Beard and moustache wax

Beard and moustache wax is a superb, classic choice for the care of (twisted) moustaches. Like shoe wax, the term comes from ancient times and emphasises the product's glossy effect. But because beard and moustache wax mostly consists of wax - for example, wool wax, beeswax and/or plant and berry wax, it also ensures a particularly firm hold.

The other components depend entirely on tradition and the manufacturer's recipes. According to Hungarian tradition, beard and moustache wax also contains vaseline to make it softer and supple. In Bavarian beard and moustache wax, gum arabic is often added, ensuring that it hardens faster. Shea butter, cocoa butter and (scented) oils are also popular ingredients for improving the consistency of beard and moustache wax - and at the same time have a nourishing effect on skin and hair.


To use, warm up a little bit of moustache wax by rubbing it between your fingers and then work it into your medium-length or long moustache immediately to bring it into (twisted) shape as desired. Once the wax has cooled, it becomes hard and provides a shockproof hold. To avoid breakage of the beard or moustache hair, you should always wash out the moustache wax before going to bed. A little beard shampoo can help to remove the residue.

€ 18,95 *
15 ml
€ 126,33 / 100 ml
€ 18,95 *
15 ml
€ 126,33 / 100 ml
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8 ml
€ 58,75 / 100 ml

Beard wax

For long beards, beard wax is the counterpart to beard and moustache wax. Depending on the composition and manufacturer, it usually offers an extremely strong hold. But because it often contains a shade less wax and a slightly higher proportion of softer fats such as shea butter or carrier oils such as coconut oil, it is easier to work the beard wax into longer beard hair.


Depending on the length of your beard, take a correspondingly large amount of wax from the can (it often helps to warm it up with a hairdryer briefly), and rub it vigorously between your fingers or hands to warm it up and soften it. As soon as the beard wax is soft and pliable, you can massage it gently but firmly into the beard from top to bottom. You can smooth unruly hair and achieve a uniform look according to your preferences. We also recommend washing the beard wax out of your beard daily to avoid possible hair breakage.

€ 24 *
50 ml
€ 48,00 / 100 ml
€ 12,50 *
30 ml
€ 41,67 / 100 ml

Beard Pomade

For medium hold with long beards, beard pomade is usually the right choice. Thanks to its lower proportion of wax and a higher ratio of soft fats such as vaseline, shea butter, cocoa butter or care oils, it's much smoother than beard and moustache wax or beard wax.

Beard pomade ensures a solid hold, smooth hair and sometimes provides a healthy shine. But its soft consistency also means that you can't use them to style twirls or other upright shapes - beard wax or beard wax are better suited for this. Depending on the manufacturer and composition, there can also be differences between beard pomades: the fragrance and ingredients may vary, as well as the hold they provide for your beard hair.


Due to the higher proportion of soft fats, beard pomade does not need to be warmed up between your fingers to make it soft enough to massage it into your beard.

You can work in beard pomade very well with a comb or brush to give your beard the desired shape. For casual, easy-care styling, beard pomade is the ideal choice.

€ 32,95 *
60 ml
€ 54,92 / 100 ml
AP87 VaMa ClayPom
€ 19,95
€ 15,95 *
100 ml
€ 15,95 / 100 ml

Beard balm

When it comes to beard balm, it's not so much the shape that counts, but rather the care. Nevertheless, due to its comparatively low wax content, it also has a slightly shaping effect, which is more important with shorter beard hair than with long, heavier beard hair.

In any case, beard balm is excellent for treating your beard hair and the skin underneath with a few valuable nutrients and moisture. This alleviates itchiness during beard growth and ensures healthy, strong hair development. Simultaneously, the beard balm protects your hair from drying out and from brittleness and split ends, which is very important with longer beards and frequent styling.


Beard balm is usually creamy and soft in the can, so you can simply take a small portion and massage it evenly into your beard and the skin beneath. It can also be distributed evenly with a beard comb or a beard brush - you can use it to style your beard as you wish.

€ 8,95 *
75 ml
€ 11,93 / 100 ml
€ 34 *
50 ml
€ 68,00 / 100 ml

Beard oil

Beard oil is the ideal beard care product for long and short beards, as it ensures healthy, strong hair thanks to its active ingredients. You can also use it as a protective conditioner before styling with wax or pomade.

Beard oil supplies your hair and the underlying skin with nutrients and vitamins and ensures a pleasant scent. Due to its nourishing effect, it soothes the skin and alleviates the itchiness of growing hair. The main components often include moisturising oils such as jojoba oil or almond oil and anti-inflammatory and sometimes skin-rejuvenating oils such as grape seed oil. There are also essential oils that provide the perfume note.


When applying, five to eight drops are usually sufficient for a short beard and correspondingly more for a long beard. Before applying, you should clean your beard with lukewarm water - occasionally with a little beard shampoo. This ensures that your beard hair and the skin beneath are clean and can absorb the oil and its active ingredients more effectively.

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30 ml
€ 99,83 / 100 ml
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30 ml
€ 44,33 / 100 ml
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50 ml
€ 79,90 / 100 ml
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10 ml
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