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Tenax Tenax - Italy

Tenax is a hair care brand from Ludovico Martelli (Proraso). This is a long-established Italian company, founded in Florence in 1908. Over generations, a wealth of experience has seen the quality of products continuously being perfected, impressing even professional hairdressers.

Tenax appeared on the market in 2017. This name comes from the Latin word meaning resistant, capable of holding and persistent, a fitting name for these shaping and styling products.

Tenax is a beautifully designed series, especially for men’s hair care. Hair wax and gel are available in different formulations and the hair cream and pomades can also be applied to dry hair.

With the mentholated shampoo, the scalp is nourished and revitalized and the hair is regenerated. The stimulating scent of eucalyptus and citrus fruit leaves the head feeling refreshed.
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