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The Bearded Man Company

The Bearded Man Company The Bearded Man Company - Great Britain

In the past, styles of beards were often determined by the ruling circles; the Henri Quatre and the Kaiser Wilhelm beard still remind us of this. In recent years, many artists have influenced beard fashions. Salvador Dali was as unmistakable for his facial hair as for his paintings and the beard was a signature for Tom Selleck as Magnum.

Today, a beard is a sign of individuality and the shape is decided only by personal taste. But one thing all beards have in common: they need to be carefully maintained.

A small family business set itself the task a few years ago of delighting beard wearers with all kinds of scented oils and waxes. The Bearded Man Company has its headquarters in Dartford, in southeast England. Here, among the rolling hills of Kent, a special cosmetic series for beard care is hand-crafted from premium natural ingredients.No synthetic preservatives or ingredients which are considered dangerous to human health are used.

Following the ethical guidelines of the company, the products are not tested on animals, so The Bearded Man Company places great importance on the feedback of their customers in order to constantly improve and adapt the products to their requirements and wishes. Meanwhile, the simple bottles with the beard logo of the company are regarded as an insider tip. 

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