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No. 03 - The right tools

The tools for wet shaving

After preparing the face for shaving and deciding whether you are going to use shaving cream or shaving soap, we now come to the shaving tools.

The shaving brush

Shaving cream and soap should ideally be lathered using a shaving brush. You can press the shaving cream directly into the shaving brush and then apply or spread with your hands onto the face, but you will get a better lather if you foam the shaving cream and soap in a shaving mug.

Apply the shaving foam to the areas to be shaved with circular movements of the brush. The circular movements align your beard hair while the lather optimally softens the hair. Leave the foam for about half a minute before you begin shaving.

The razor

Various shaving systems are available; the most common are, of course, the Gillette® razor blades. We offer razors with Gillette®-Mach3® and Gillette® Fusion ™ blades.

The safety razor

We also offer the classic wet shave par excellence: the so-called safety razor or double-edged razor. Maybe your Grandpa has always used a razor like this?

By the way, for those who like to have everything matching, we also offer shaving sets.

Our best products for the wet shave

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