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Uppercut Deluxe

Uppercut Deluxe Uppercut Deluxe - Australia

Australian label Uppercut Deluxe was founded by Luke Newman and Steve Purcell; the passion for the craft of the barber was what brought the two friends together. A stay in Portland, Oregon, was the catalyst for the establishment of Luke Newman’s own brand. Situated next to a small café where Luke drank his coffee, the traditional barber's shop was in the style of the 1950s.

Luke Newman was just as enthusiastic about the cool and special equipment as by the cultivated society that gathered here; his professional decision was made. Returning to Australia, he studied hairdressing and met Steve Purcell, who had also completed training as a barber. Together they fulfilled their dream and founded a salon in which young people could feel comfortable. With much enthusiasm, creativity and effort, they succeeded in reviving the charming traditional barbershop culture in a modern way.

Luke and Steve were not satisfied, however, with the salon products that were more suited to women's hair. Therefore the two friends worked with a chemist for some time and developed their own skin care products tailored to male needs. The "Deluxe Pomade" was the first product of the new Uppercut Deluxe brand.

Since then, more products have been added, all made of high-quality ingredients. Luke and Steve use their own products daily in her salon, putting them to the test in real life.

The name of the brand was created in memory of Luke Newman’s Grandpa Willy O'Shea, an Australian boxer with the nickname Uppercut. Luke has always heeded his grandfather’s motto : "a hard beginning makes a good end" , not least because Uppercut Deluxe pomades have become coveted cult objects outside Australia.

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