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Well-groomed eyes

Look after your eyes!

Your eyes reveal your lifestyle. Long nights in a smoky atmosphere and years of exposure to the sun take their toll on the skin surrounding the eyes. The older you get, the harder it will be to stop or hide the damage. Here, you’ll find the most common eye problems and a few easy ways to eliminate or alleviate them.

Puffy eyes and bags under the eyes

Puffy eyes and bags under the eyes – usually worst in the morning.

The solution: An eye gel to dissolve fluid accumulations and to cool and refresh the eye area!

This results from a build-up of fluid under the eye while you sleep.

Tap a small amount of the eye gel under the eye with your fingertip. It's best to use your index or ring finger for this because you don't want to exert too much pressure on this delicate area. Eye gel contains special stimulants to improve blood circulation and regenerate the eye area. The gel also has a cooling and firming effect.

When applying, simply stroke the area from the bridge of the nose towards the ears with gentle pressure. This helps to drain the fluid retention and thus improves the appearance of your face. The eye gel is even more effective and refreshing if you keep it in the refrigerator. Try the Protein Booster Eye Rescue eye gel from Jack Black or, if you prefer an eye lotion, Mühle - Organic Serie Rapair Serum .

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Dark circles and shadows

Dark circles and shadows around the eyes are caused by blood vessels showing through the fine skin in this area. They can be especially noticeable when you are tired, after an illness or after too many late nights.

The solution: a cooling eye balm or a regenerating eye cream!

A nourishing balm or cream specially designed for the sensitive area around the eyes will help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. These care products strengthen the skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

If the shadows under your eyes are very dark, try using a concealer to cover them. Select a shade that matches your skin as closely as possible. Concealer sticks are easy to use and work wonders against stubborn dark circles caused by genetic inheritance.

Crow's feet

The fine lines that radiate out between the corners of the eyes and the temples are often caused by years of blinking and squinting against the sun.

The solution: A good eye cream reduces crow's feet and protects against further wrinkles!

Try an eye cream or eye gel with a cooling effect that is quickly absorbed and smooths, refreshes and firms the skin. A gel eye mask will help to reduce headaches that can be attributed to eye strain. This is especially the case if you spend the whole day in front of a computer. Apply your eye cream under the gel mask, for double the effect!

Try 66°30 - Precision Cycle - 3-in-1 Eye Fluid or Brooklyn Soap Company . To avoid further damage caused by blinking in the sun, always wear good sunglasses. This also applies in winter, for example when skiing. Don't forget to apply sun cream around the eyes, because a sun protection factor is essential and protects against skin ageing! For year-round protection, you should opt for a daily moisturiser that contains a direct sun protection factor, such as the Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 moisturiser.

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Eye strain

The solution: have your eyes checked regularly!

If you’ve been prescribed glasses or contact lenses, you should always use these visual aids as directed. Because when you’re always blinking or squinting to try and see things clearly, you automatically frown and cause even deeper wrinkles.

You’re exhausted - and it shows!

The solution: Your eyes are the first organs to show fatigue and getting a good night's sleep simply makes you look better!

Of course, it's not always possible to get the recommended eight hours of sleep each night. But you should always try to spend the maximum amount of time sleeping. If a newborn baby, newlywed neighbours, or “other reasons” are keeping you from getting enough sleep, take a power nap in the afternoon. According to sleep experts, snoozing for around 20 minutes is sufficient to recharge your batteries. It will show in your eyes!

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