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Yumaki Yumaki - Sweden

What do Japan and Sweden have in common? Correct: a love of functional, simple and incredibly stylish design - and since 2009, an international, Scandinavian-Asian start-up team that produces toothbrushes according to these standards. Yumaki's goal is to reinvent this everyday yet highly personal product.

The result is an efficient toothbrush, free from any unnecessary bells and whistles, made with Swedish sustainability and Japanese perfection. A toothbrush that does not have to hide behind the mirror cabinet door in modern, elegantly furnished bathrooms, but proudly stands in its holder next to the sink, reflecting the personality of its owner. A toothbrush you own because you want to use it - not because you have to.

After a creative start-up phase of making colourful designer toothbrushes, a unique, distinctive handle design has emerged that makes the Yumaki toothbrush unmistakeable. However, Yumaki not only values good looks in his products but also the highest quality standards of professional dental care and oral hygiene. The ergonomic handle is shaped in such a way that the bristles remain airborne when in the side position and do not touch the shelf surface. Depending on the model, the bristles contain proportionately activated carbon, which has an antibacterial effect and ensures a longer shelf life of the toothbrush.

The handles for the various models are produced as sustainably as possible and may consist of different materials - from bamboo to sugar cane plastic to recycled plastic. So sporty, defined toothbrushes are possible, as well as cool, matte models or natural classics.

Yumaki, based in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna, has brought it international fame with his chic designer toothbrushes with a "green" touch. Meanwhile, selected suppliers in more than 23 countries worldwide stock Yumaki toothbrushes in their range. One or more Yumaki toothbrushes can be found in the bathrooms of the rich and famous, influencers of style and taste - and maybe soon in yours.

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