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Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hair – a common shaving problem

Red, painful bumps and swelling on the surface of the skin can indicate ingrown hair. When you shave correctly, your beard is usually cut above the surface of the skin. However, if your beard hair is pulled during shaving and is therefore cut too deeply by the razor, this can adversely affect the direction it grows in.

The same applies to clogged skin pores. These causes beard hair to bend and grow under the skin, which often results in inflammation of the hair follicle. This inflammation manifests itself as ingrown hairs and typically with redness and swelling.

More often than not, men who have beard hair that grows curly and strong often find it grows in different directions and bends easily. This can quickly lead to skin irritation and shaving rash. The unpleasant rash only goes away when the beard hair can penetrate the skin's surface again and become visible.

Face scrub

If you're prone to ingrown facial hair, you should exfoliate the skin on your face about once or twice a week with a face scrub. The Facial Scrub from Baxter of California or Bulldog - Original Peeling is particularly effective to use for this.

The gentle abrasive particles of scrubs remove dead skin cells and open the pores. Exfoliation helps to prevent ingrown hairs and will also improve existing ingrown hairs, helping them to find their way through the skin's surface.

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Before and during the shave

Before shaving, you should prepare your beard using special pre-shave products. A short massage with a few drops of pre-shave oil against the direction of hair growth is enough to prepare the hair by forming a protective film between the skin and the razor.

Shaving creams and shaving soaps have the same effect. Apply these with a shaving brush in a circular motion. The circular movement of a shaving brush causes the beard hairs to stand up. The shaving cream smoothes the hair and provides a good surface for the razor blade to glide over.

To avoid pulling or even tearing out beard hair, you should always shave in the direction of growth (to put it another way, don't go against the grain).

After shaving moisturizing products help, in particular aftershave balm or cream to protect the skin from drying and to sooth the skin after shaving.

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