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kyoku for men kyoku for men - USA

Kyoku for Men is a skincare brand developed specifically for male skin. Kyoku for men was developed by Asim Akhtar, whose family had long been active in the beauty care sector. Asim, who grew up in laboratories, has travelled the world to find the most effective ingredients and agents for his grooming range.

Asim Akhtar found them among others in rural areas of Japan. The inhabitants, living far from cities and roads, were not only blooming with health but also boasted pore-deep, pure and flawless skin. The founder of Kyoku for men explored these mysteries and put all his knowledge and experience into his products.

All Kyoku for Men products blend the know-how of classic herbal medicine, with natural substances made of bamboo, tea, avocado, chamomile or ginseng, with modern, innovative and contemplative care technology. This combination makes the products of Kyoku for men not only effective but also straightforward and easy to use.

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