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terrorists of beauty

terrorists of beauty terrorists of beauty - Germany

Radical, sustainable and uncompromisingly natural - these are the terrorists of beauty. Behind the initiative are Maria del Mar Navajas Garcia and Natalie Richter from Hamburg. Initially, the two power women (one lawyer, the other a manager) had planned their sustainable cosmetics only as an art- and eco-project. The idea came to them in summer 2018, after a bottle of wine with their flatmates. The conversation turned to the amount of plastic waste in the bathroom. Although both of them already used plastic-free alternatives here and there, they agreed that even better and more convincing products are needed to get people to rethink.
So they used their savings and set about developing a range of personal care bars. And it soon became apparent that it was far from a crazy idea. Just one year after its founding, their enormous success ensured that the products had developed into a popular (anti) brand nationwide - and of course also available to you in the Heldenlounge.
Together, the terrorists of beauty have declared war on the cosmetics industry! With a manifesto of beauty against the laws of the beauty industry: against their rules of perfect bodies, gender roles, (micro) plastic, animal experiments, senseless globalisation, overconsumption, animal experiments and synthetic ingredients. For sustainable, human, pure, natural cosmetics. Their logo: the mathematical symbol for a logical consequence.
Vegan unisex block soaps made from pure, natural and sustainably produced raw materials are the "weapon" of the terrorists of beauty. - and they're multi-purpose: almost all of their soaps are shampoo, shower soap and facial cleanser in one. This flexibility not only saves plastic waste but also space in the bathroom. For manufacturing soap, they work with sustainable - and where possible, with regional - ingredients, suppliers and workshops for people with disabilities. So not only body care but also the world itself should become a little more beautiful, one bar of soap at a time. 
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