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Geo. F. Trumper - Lavender - Moustache Wax - 15 ml

Art no.: T LAVEN. MW
15 ml | € 1.000,00 / l
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Geo. F. Trumper - Lavender - Moustache Wax
Product description

The lavender moustache wax provides a firm but not stiff hold and is suitable for use on all hair colours.

Its subtle lavender scent ensures that it is as pleasing to the nose as it is to your moustache.

How to use

Ideally apply to your damp or dry, clean beard. Using the back of your thumbnail extract a small portion of balm & warm by rubbing in the palms of your hands. Proceed to work the balm into the length of your beard, then comb or brush through for maximum hold, resulting in a tamed well nourished beard, that is easier to both shape & style.

Natural Yellow Beeswax, Liquid Parafin, Lavender Essential Oil
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