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Heldenlounge - Shaving Towel - Cotton 30 x 50 cm

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Heldenlounge - Shaving Towel - Cotton 30 x 50 cm
Product description
Shaving Towel 100% cotton, black with red embroidery, size 30 x 50 cm

This shaving towel is perfect for use before or after shaving. A dedicated shaving towel essential for reasons of hygiene - when you have finished shaving it is never a good idea to reach for the towel which is used for drying hands!

Your freshly shaved skin deserves its own clean cloth, especially as freshly shaved skin is always a bit sensitive. Dry your face with a fresh cotton towel, such as this one from Heldenlounge, and avoid the possible contamination of germs on your newly shaved skin.

Please note - wash the shaving towel prior to the first use.

Use before shaving:

Preparation of the skin is vital for a successful shave. Soak the shaving towel in hot water for a few minutes, then place it for a few moments on the area of skin to be shaved, paying close attention to the neck. The heat opens the pores and enables the hairs to be smoothly shaved.

Use after shaving:

After shaving, you should wash your face again using a mild facial cleanser, and rinse with cold water to close the pores. Then, simply use the soft shaving towel to pat your face dry - don't rub it!

You can find more helpful hints about how to achieve the perfect shave here ... 
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