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MÜHLE - COMPANION - safety razor for body and face shaving - unisex - with hanging cord "turquoise"

Art no.: R COM 04
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MÜHLE - COMPANION - safety razor for body and face shaving - unisex - with hanging cord "turquoise"
Product description
  • Unisex safety razor for body and face shaving with patented* razor head design 
  • Closed comb with gentle adjusted blade angle for greater protection 
  • Easy to use and ideal for beginners
  • Non-slip handle with fingerprint structure
  • Made of metal and satin chrom finish
  • Replaceable cord in turquoise colour for hanging up the razor
  • Sustainable and plastic free - best alternative to disposable and cartridge razors, zero-waste product comes completely without plastic, applies for the box as well

* patent pending

With COMPANION,it is the first time, everyone can shave sustainably from head to toe using the manufacturer’s very first unisex model. Only men shaving with a safety razor is now a thing of the past. Safety was of paramount importance while developing our COMPANION.

The new design of the razor head with a finely adjusted blade angle ensures even greater safety. Even beginners who were afraid of safety razors until now will hold on to their new companion wherever they go.

The new structure of the handle provides extra grip. Its fine design resembles fingerprints. At the same time, the handle is slightly longer than other MÜHLE razors. This makes shaving your legs and other parts of your body a blissful experience.

But this must-have has even more in store for you. COMPANION features traditional blades – and thus genuine sustainability in your bathroom. The cord in turquoise colour made of pure cotton can also be replaced easily by extending the rear part of the handle. It’s an environmentally friendly eye-catcher and handy feature at the same time. It goes without saying that the packaging is plastic-free.

How to use

Shaving with a safety razor takes a bit of practice and your skin also needs some time to get used to a traditional wet shave. Here are some tips:  

• As with any wet shave, the face should be previously washed and rinsed with warm water.

• Next, create a good lather on the area to be shaved with a shaving brush, using circular movements.

• The more thoroughly you foam the beard, the easier the subsequent shave will be.

• Make sure the razor head and handle are firmly fixed in place. However, the thread should be tightened only enough so that it can be loosened again without much effort.

• Now, start shaving. The razor should be placed on the skin at the lowest possible angle (about 30 °).

• Start in the area of the cheeks and only press lightly on the razor! Glide it over the skin.

• Always shave “with the grain”, namely in the direction of the growth of the beard.

• Shave the neck area by pulling the skin down a bit. Again, the following rules apply: flat angle, light pressure, short strokes, rinsing the razor regularly.  

Don’t be discouraged by minor injuries, you're a hero, right? Experience has shown that injuries rarely occur after a period of familiarisation.

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